Still Pure New Package Designs 2021

I have known Sue, the founder of Still Pure Essential Oils, for quite some time now, even before 2013 when I first started working on the new package designs and labels for her products, which you can see here. Recently the company has been expanding and growing, and in 2021 I had the opportunity to … Read More

Darling Cellars Tri Fold Tent Cards

I have had the pleasure of designing various promotional materials for Darling Cellars, a winery located near Darling in the Western Cape. Since 2008, I have created wine menu inserts, posters, print advertisements, table talkers, trade presenters, and more for them. One of my recent projects involved designing tri-fold tent cards to advertise their outstanding … Read More

Still Pure Essential Oils Package Design 2014

Still Pure is a fantastic producer of essential oils located in the Riebeek Valley in Western Cape, South Africa. They export their products to a few countries around the world. I have had the pleasure of working with the founder, Sue, since 2013, designing their labels and packaging, and creating advertising and store signage. Working … Read More