I worked with Wildehurst Wines since 2010, designing their range of wine labels until about 2020. The original design, which was a painted badge created by an artist for the winery owner, was then digitally recreated by me for printing. I added a few elements such as her beloved Schnauzer dogs, Aloes, and a bottom scroll to the badge.

The Velo range of wines features an image of the owner's late husband and his friend on their Velo motorbikes when they were young.

The straw wine was a limited edition, like most of the boutique wines, and had a size of 330ml instead of the standard 750ml. To reflect the unique and quirky style of the young winemaker, we flipped the label on its side.

The M├ęthode Cap Classique, which is the South African version of Champagne, has a clear adhesive label with metallic gold, creating the effect of clear glass.