I had the immense pleasure of working on a new logo for Toumaranke UK, which is a partnership of accomplished musicians and educators who play amazing West African music based here in Derby in the UK.

The owners had the wonderful idea to use one of their beloved instruments, called a Gongomah (which they've played for years), as their logo. I created a bespoke vector illustration using the traditional colours and original writing on this instrument to create their new logo. I also created a set of three images to represent services on their website and other marketing materials and some variations of the logo for use online and in print.

You can visit the Toumaranke UK website here to learn more about them and follow them on social media. Interestingly the original Gongomah instrument is shown in the header of the website.

The full logo design for Toumaranke UK
Toumaranke UK Full Logo Design
Toumaranke UK Simpler Logo
Toumaranke UK Text Only Logos
Toumaranke UK Services Icons