I have known Sue, the founder of Still Pure Essential Oils, for quite some time now, even before 2013 when I first started working on the new package designs and labels for her products, which you can see here.

Recently the company has been expanding and growing, and in 2021 I had the opportunity to collaborate with one of the new partners, Steve, on creating the artwork for their extensive product range. Although Steve designed the logo, we worked together closely on the package designs and I created all the artwork for print.

The range includes a wide variety of products such as soap bars, skin washes, skin drinks, skin foods, skin revival, lip balms, massage and bath oils, bath bombs, bath salts, room fragrances, soy wax candles, sanitisers, insect repellants, essential oils, and cold-pressed oils.

For some of the products, there are only three variants in one size, while others like the essential oils have up to 26 variants in two sizes. Each product has a front, top, and/or back label for the different-sized bottles and containers and an inner and outer carton or box. Specific die-cut templates were used for each carton, and as an experienced artworker, I paid close attention to detail to ensure that each layout and specified colour was perfect.

Some of the products have white cartons, while others are done in kraft so I created visual mock-ups of products, where needed, for client approval before finalizing and creating the final artwork for each range. The cartons were printed in two spot colours while the labels were done in various single colours on white or clear adhesive. Each carton opens in an unusual way to reveal a printed design (for the skin washes, etc.) or an image (in the case of the essential oils).

To see the full range of Still Pure Essential Oils' products and all the various package designs that were created, you can check out their website here.

Carton Package Design for Still Pure Rose Geranium Skin Wash
Rose Geranium Skin Wash Artwork and Graphics
Die-cut artwork and some graphics for the Rose Geranium Skin Wash
Citronella Essential Oils Carton Package Design
Carton Package Design for the Still Pure Citronella Essential Oil
Artwork for the Citronella Essential Oil
Die-cut artwork for the Citronella Essential Oil
Visual Mock-up of the Sweet Orange Essential Oil Carton Package Designs
Visual Mock-ups for the Sweet Orange 10ml Essential Oil Cartons