These A5 Trade Presenters are printed on high quality 250gsm card with a matt laminate to give them a smooth finish. They are used by sales representatives to showcase new products to the trade and often has a product pack shot or range on each side of the card with its tasting notes, technical analysis (which includes sugar and alcohol content) and barcode information.

The tagline for Darling Cellars is ''Bush vines from the cool West Coast'' so I've used the shadow of a gnarly bush vine as the shadow for the packshot in many of the design layouts, which just gives the idea that bush vine is what the wines are made of.

These are designs for the four wines in the Heritage Collection, a Chenin Blanc and Cinsaut of the Old Bush Vines range, two of the new 2L Bag in Box range, one launching the Darling Cellars Reserve Cinsault and then also the range of red, white and rosé for the De-Alcoholised Range. Each slide shows the front and back of the A5 card.