Soetes & Sop is an Afrikaans phrase referring to the delicious sweet wine and soup served at this weekend-long event held in the Breedekloof Wine Valley annually in winter. Breedekloof is just one of many wine regions in the Western Cape and with its many diverse and picturesque wine farms and estates it is an ideal tourist destination - just an hour's drive from Cape Town.

I was lucky enough to attend the event in 2019. It's a lovely opportunity to check out multiple wineries and taste some delicious delicacies and awesome wines. Visitors on the day could collect their enamel mug (for the soup) and a tasting glass (for the wine) wherever they start their routes. There are also useful water points to rinse both of them before you head to the next venue. We did some amazing tastings often guided by the winemaker themselves and got to try some unusual culinary combinations too.

I worked on the 2019 logo and event flyers, leaflet and poster, but just to be clear - the logo for the Soetes & Sop event itself (with the little wine glass and soup bowl graphic) is not my design. I did, however, design the overall logo for 2019, (which incorporates the existing Soetes & Sop logo) as well as the Breedekloof Wine Valley logo, which I designed some years before.